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The average American household doesn't normally think about their dryer vent cleaning, but Mount Pleasant, IA? It's an incredibly important part of homeownership. That little duct stemming out of your dryer unit collects all the lint and excess fabric removed from your clothes. And if left without maintenance for so long can potentially become a fire hazard. All the lint built up over time in your dryer vent becomes extremely flammable, and if your vent is both flammable and clogged up, there could be major consequences. Most fire departments recommend dryer vent cleaning in Mount Pleasant, IA every year or at least every two years to avoid any issues. So call Homezera now at (855) 979-7576 to help keep your home safe and clean.

Average Costs For Dryer Vent Cleaning

Max Cost ($610)
Avg Cost ($421) ($314)
Min Cost ($152)
Average Costs For AC Companies

Complete Projects

These costs are an estimate based on labor and material pricing in Mount Pleasant. Certain specialty equipment, such as vacuum cleaners may be needed, as the dryer vent cleaning in Mount Pleasant service includes snaking and vacuuming of vents and ducts. This Mount Pleasant dryer vent cleaning estimate includes all the following costs.

Getting the Best Deal for Dryer Vent Cleaning in Mount Pleasant, IA

To keep your house in prime, safe condition, please contact us at (855) 979-7576 to remove the excess lint building up in your dryer ventilation system. As mentioned before, ignoring this cleaning can result in a possible fire hazard for your Mount Pleasant, IA home. And not only do we want to keep you safe, but we want to make sure you don't have to spend a lot on costs for keeping your home up to code. We here at Homezera believe in safeguarding your home at an affordable price. And for the most affordable pricing on dryer vent cleaning, Mount Pleasant, IA, look no further. Check with our pricing graph to see how we rank against our competition. You'll find no better value for dryer vent cleaning in Mount Pleasant, IA. That number again is (855) 979-7576.



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Dryer Vent Cleaning in Mount Pleasant FAQ

What Exactly is Being Cleaned out during Dryer Vent Cleaning?

If you look in the back of your dryer, there should be some sort of metallic vent portuding. Usually this will be a loose, cylindrical venting that travels to the outside of your home, but sometimes it can also be a series of joints and elbows. Each time your dryer is run a little bit of lint gets stuck in that vent, and over time, it can build up into a big ball of (inflammable) material. Our trained staff in the field can expertly remove this buildup for you using our specialty vacuums designed exactly for this purpose. You'll never have to worry about your dryer's flammability after giving us a call.

What are the Warning Signs that my Dryer is Becoming Backed up with Lint?

Usually your first red flag will be slower performance. If your dryer is taking longer than normal to completely dry your clothing that would be the first indication of a dangerous lint build up. Alternatively, if your unit if blowing out far more exhaust than normal, or even just louder than usual, these could all be a warning that a cleaning is needed. A very immediate telltale symptom is if you start hearing banging sounds emanating from your vents. Please call us immediately if this is the case.

How Often Should I have my Dryer Vent Serviced for Cleaning?

As a bare minimum most professionals recommend at least once per year, maybe once every two years for newer units. Fire departments suggest about the same, and no one is happier to see your clean dryer vents than fire officials. Some estimates show that over thirty million dollars worth of fire damage a year is attributed to neglected dryer vents, so call us today to make your home a safer place.

Last updated: 09/12/2016

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